respect existence

Respect Existence OR Expect Resistance T-Shirt


Anti-Badger Cull fund-raising T-Shirt. £5 of the profits will go to West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs fuels costs to help them travel down to the Gloucestershire Badger killing zone.

With the Badger Cull about to start again imminently Sabs will be travelling down regularly in preparation for it and then will be a constant presence once it does start

“The cull also cost far more than projected – at least £3.02 million in police costs alone – largely because of the highly disruptive actions of hunt saboteurs. Although small in number, they represented the concerns of the majority in society.” – The Guardian Thursday 3 April 2014

“The sabs were totally dedicated- totally devoted to their cause” … “They were very well organised, very well informed and very well equipped. Some of them had better night vision equipment than the cull operators.” – Farmers weekly 6th of June

All T-Shirts are hand printed and made to order. T-Shirts are produced in eco-friendly factories.  The energy used by the factories comes from renewable sources. The cotton is 100 % organic and manufactured under fair conditions. Cotton is alternated with food crops, giving farmers more diverse income while improving food security within the local community.

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