Available in Black or White. £5 of the profits will go to West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs who are out multiple times a week protecting foxes, hares and other wildlife from being hunted or shot. Once the main hunting season is over they are out stopping illegal mink hunts and helping sabotage the Governments badger cull. This all gets very expensive with fuel, insurance, tax and repairs to the van.

This might reflect the difficult circumstances that contractors were working under in Gloucestershire, with widespread interference by anti-cull activists. In some cases, the level of effort deployed and the removal of badgers may have been affected by the presence of anti-cull activists where culling took place.

– DEFRA on the main reason the Badger Cull failed in Gloucestershire

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All T-Shirts are hand printed using water based inks and made to order. T-Shirts are produced in eco-friendly factories.  The energy used by the factories comes from renewable sources. The cotton is 100 % organic and manufactured under fair conditions. Cotton is alternated with food crops, giving farmers more diverse income while improving food security within the local community.

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